Katie has spent 3 years as a digital editor at SAVEUR Magazine, where she was responsible for everything from running social media to serving as the one-woman video team. She writes about food, travel, politics, Greece, and occasionally other things. She shoots and edits video, and has captured her own photos for print and online outlets. Her work has also been included in Gothamist, Reuters, and Artforum. Katie loves pasta and horiatiki in the summer, islands, and everything about Athens. She does not love bitters (but will drink them anyway).


Penelope graduated from F.I.T. with a B.F.A. in Interior Design and for the past two decades has worked as a prop and interior stylist—with clients that have ranged from Petrossian to Barilla. She has been known to make magic in a space or on a set be it a silent auction, tabletop design, or product displays. Penelope envisions the environment, shops for and places objects, and arranges the finishing touches before a look is photo or event ready. She has a knack for walking into a space and intuitively knowing what will elevate the surroundings—whether it’s crafting a room’s composition, selecting a color palette, adding some interesting objects or key pieces of furniture/art, or (yes) editing a few things out. Penelope’s specialty is mixing it up—avoiding design clichés or anything too stuffy—while still creating a cohesive style. She loves nothing more than a legendary flea market and a chance to turn up a unique find.


As an experienced project manager, Sophia loves efficiency – she can plan, organize, and direct her way through a complex maze, and emerge with banana bread she made along the way! Sophia graduated from Northeastern with a BS in Economics, and has served in project management roles at Infor and TripAdvisor. Sophia’s diverse professional experience (including program management, content creation, and research analytics roles in various sectors), mirrors her curiosity and eagerness about anything and everything in her professional and personal life; if she doesn’t already know about it, she wants to! Contrary to her business title, she vastly enjoys spontaneity, especially when it involves traveling (for instance, buying one-way tickets to South East Asia and Europe at various times in her life). Sophia is a wildlife and animal lover, infatuated with all living things, from plants to free-grazing goats.